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The grand celebration for your kid’s first anna


Annaprashana is a glorious day for your beloved child because of its symbolism as alife-sustaining food and a sacred food in the form of kheer or payesh. The annaprashana remains an important milestone and the ceremony is celebrated throughout households Make your child’s first millet (anna) noteworthy with De Colors Caterer experience and world-class service. We’re here for your child’s first anna.

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Annaprashana Menu

Sorbat Counter
Water Counter
Tea & Coffee Counter
Salad Counter
Pan Counter


Mochar Chop with Green Chutney
Panner Pakora With Green Chutney
Fish Finger with Mustard Sauce
Chicken Satey

Main Course:

Basmati Rice
Basunti Pulao
Sona Moong Dal
Jhuri Aloo Bhaja
Katla Bhaja
Echorer Dalna
Bhetki Fish Paturi
Daab Chingri
Mutton Rogan Josh
Kesar Rasmalai
Baked Sandesh
Assorted Kulfi

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