Your magnificent party on the powerful river


De Colors offers you more than just an event. We offer you the ultimate indulgence of your senses, occasion and celebration


You might want to embark on a cruising journey that tells a story with the mighty river for any occasion, including your birthday, anniversary, family gathering, or any other kind of celebration.

Welcome to the De Colors Cruising Experience

You get:
● Catered premium service across the river in the choice of your cruise.
● The river below, the sky above, and De Colors by your side make for premium experiences.
● Memories that endure like a fairy tale

We can add the exquisite De Colors touch to make your cruise event epic. We take on the responsibility of making your special day of celebration through the river… smoother and more legendary than the river below when you choose to cruise through it. Highly customisable menu options, exquisite professional services, and the unique touch of the best caterers in Kolkata with over 20 years of experience.

Choose the ideal package for your cruise celebration by browsing through our premium catalogues.

Speciality Menus

Over the course of our 12-plus-year journey, we have witnessed some of our customers' favorite menus

Customize your menu

De Color Caterer offers affordable menus within your budget

De Colors is here to help you arrive at your event in style and make an unforgettable statement.

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